Hydrogen Peroxide And Zip Lining in Hilton Head

Hello from Hilton Head!

My little propeller plane left Cville last night at 7:45pm.

Propeller Plane, Cville Airport

After a layover that included a glass of wine with my friend Julia, I made it to Savannah and finally to Hilton Head around 1am. I was exhausted!

Wine at the Airport

This morning I started my day my putting hydrogen peroxide in my eye. OUCH.

My little brother apparently has special hydrogen peroxide contact solution that he uses overnight in a special case that neutralizes it. I tried to just use it as regular contact solution and BURRNN!!!!  After flushing water into my eye and freaking out for a little bit I got a new contact to put in and my eye cooled down.

We were up early to zip line! Kind of random to do on a flat island, but my parents had done it before and thought us kids would enjoy it as well.

Zip lining Hilton Head - Maureen, John, Clare, Kevin

We got very luck with the weather. It’s supposed to rain all weekend but it’s only really misted so far today. We zipped all around and got great views of the water.


Mom Zip Lining

Clare Zip lining in Hilton Head

Like my name? Stoons is my dad’s nickname for me. The guide added “trouble.” I wonder why he would do a thing like that???

Bike Riding Hilton Head

Once home the boys left to play golf so my mom, my little brother’s girlfriend and I went on a bike ride! We biked all around some of the houses in the area and then to Atlanta Bread Company for lunch.

Atlanta Bread Company Lunch

I’m now curled up on the couch with some pita chips. The sunset sailboat cruise we had planned for tonight just got cancelled due to thunderstorms which is a total bummer. Looks like we’ll just have drinks and appetizers around here, which is still wonderful! Just not much of a beach weekend.

Hilton Head Relaxed on Couch

OH – and I almost forgot. JC ran his first half marathon this morning in 1:44:38. How amazing is that!!?? Faster than he expect to run and he is so pumped about it! His whole family had a blast running and they are celebrating right now. That’s why he’s not here – so sad but so excited for him!

Happy early Easter!!


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