Five Things Friday 7.31.15


It’s so strange…I’m home for at least four years. With my family. In my city. For medical school!! How awesome is that!?

Clare - Moving From Louisville

(saying bye to my Louisville apt)

Yesterday I got a little emotional on the drive home. We had spent almost five hours packing the Uhaul so I was too busy to really think about what was happening, but once I was driving out of the city I started to cry. I got to see Brittany right before I left which was…necessary because she’s the best, and I actually called and talked to JC for the first time since the break up which was really nice. I am really, really sad to leave Louisville and my life there, but I’m silmultaneously so happy to be here and finally starting school.

I can’t wait to get my new apartment set up and show you guys!! I am all unloaded but need to unpack and organize. I have so many DIY aspirations¬†and I’m sure few of them will ever become a reality…but it’s nice to dream!

Okay, let’s recap my week!

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Five Things I Ate:

Awesome pulled pork nachos with my parents in Hilton Head.

Grouper topped with tomato avocado relish, green beans and potatoes. YUM

grouper dinner in Hilton Head

Lots of Love Grown oats with a mix of fruits and nut butter toppings for breakfast!

My favorite Choco-maca smoothie from Life Bar before I left Louisville

A mixture of dark chocolate chips and butterscotch chips on my couch right now:)

Five Workouts:

Mon: Leg circuit. It destroyed me. I’m still sore.

Tues: Long walk on the beach

Wed: Arms and ab circuit

Thurs: rest – just moving!

Fri: Not sure yet!

Five Pins:

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2010 Cities Calendar

I love maps, and I love Rifle Paper Co, so I love this. //via//
Libra Zodiac Print

Kind of digging this Libra print! //via//

Gorgeous Europe

Take me here please. //via//

Are You Doing What You Love?


White Glam Desk

Desk envy. //via//

Five Things Making Me Happy:

My new apartment! I really love it, and will love it even more once I get unpacked. My room has more space than I expected, my roommate is really sweet, and I can’t wait to get settled in.

Chatting with Meg more. She is just the sweetest, most genuine, thoughtful, and positive person. Everything she does comes from such a good place, and while we are different in many ways, she is such a good friend. And also she has a really cute Canadian accent. <3<3

Spending a few days with my parents. They’re fun. And now I get to see them whenever I want!!!

I ordered new bedding!!! My sweet employers (from the nanny job) got me a gift certificate to West Elm when I left since they knew I’d be eyeing some new bedding. I was SO EXCITED. I was sick of my pink and green flower explosion and can’t wait to get the more neutral soft duvet in the mail.

West Elm Bedding

Ummm I just found out VIA FACEBOOK that one of my post-bac classmates from UVA is going to be at SLU med with me!! How we didn’t figure this out earlier I don’t know, but I’m so excited to know someone. Plus he rocks. So now I’m super happy.

  • Your turn! What’s making you happy this week?

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