Weekly Reads Wednesday 9.17.14

Happy Happy Wednesday!!!

Those of you that follow me on Instagram know that I survived my SIBO test yesterday morning and ate ALL THE FATS yesterday afternoon. After only protein and rice the day before, my body was all about the jar of peanut butter in my lunch bag. YUM!

Work is pretty busy this week, but we’re all halfway through. Hope you’re having a great week. Take a quick break to catch up on some of these great articles. There are some pretty awesome ones!

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On Eating & Body Image

When Being Healthy is Unhealthy 

Eating For Your Dosha <–cool post on this. I learned about this at IIN and agree that I do best with cooked, warm foods. But like her, I don’t really follow that.

Orthorexia, Also Nicknamed the Foodbabe Disorder <– not as thrilled with this article as I expected to be. read and discuss.

I Am A “Too Much” Woman

Don’t Be Fooled By The Sugar-Free Label

Let’s Talk Food

My 100% Brutally Honest Thoughts On Piyo and Shakeology <—interesting and refreshing

144 lbs: Why Female Athletes Should Toss The Scale And Get A New Perspective

Women’s Greatest Threat Isn’t Misogyny, It’s Counting Calories <—MUST READ for the week!

I Stopped Counting Fat Grams And You Should Too

Speaking Out Against Perfection

Makeup-less Monday & What Beauty Means To Me

I’ve also spent some time on the blog AncestralizeMe.com, recommended by Lindsay. It is SO informative. Check it out!

On Growing Up

Things I’ve Learned Since Turning 30: Money 

I’m A Grown Woman I Can Do What I Want

18 Things I Really (Really!) Wish I’d Known In My 20s

On Technology, Blogging & More

Three Ways to Ignite The Brain

Why Apple Didn’t Name It’s Smartwatch iWatch

5 Investments Worth Making For Your Blog <—still don’t do emails and don’t have a DSLR. Would you guys like emails with more personal tidbits and updates?

  • Please share with us in the comments – what’s the best thing you’ve read lately?

SIBO Breath Test & Test Prep

SIBO Prep Meal

Hi friends! This morning I take my Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth Test. My doctor gave it to me to do at home at my appointment last week, but the dietary requirements the day before are pretty strict so I put off doing it until … [Continue reading]

Shamrock Series 2014


Each year, starting in 2009, one of Notre Dame's home games is played in a different city, usually in a professional sports stadium. The Shamrock Series is a way to get more fans that live across the country out to see games, and is a huge weekend of … [Continue reading]