I’m Into Essential Oils

I’ve kept some lavender oil by my bed for a few years now, just because I know it’s a calming smell and it is great to fall asleep to. But it was Brittany that first introduced me to oils for their therapeutic benefits.  She uses them for her little baby boy and said they’ve really helped his allergies! Every time I’m over at her place she has something delicious diffusing.

DoTerra Essential Oils

Then about a month ago a friend from yoga starting representing doTerra and invited me to a little ladies night party where she told us more about them. I was pretty impressed by the company –  not only by the crazy strict quality standards and dedication to sustainable harvesting – but by the depth of the collection and her personal anecdotes about how positively the oils had impacted her life.

We both were on the same, “uhh…do these do anything but smell good?” train at first, but for many (including her) they seem to work wonders and I am pretty open to trying new things and alternative approaches. There is an oil for seemingly everything, and doTerra has a large advisory board full of PhDs, MDs, and more that support their usage as part of a holistic health plan.

doTerra essential oils

When DoTerra offered to send me some samples I was literally head over heels. It was not even a week after I had learned all about them with my yoga friend….crazy timing! They sent me bottles of two very different oils: a wild orange and their “balance” blend.

The wild orange is a an extremely vibrant, energizing, fresh blend that screams “WAKE UP!” to me. I love using it in combination with another peppermint oil I have when I need some energy or focus at work. It’s also delicious to diffuse in my apartment.

doterra wild orange

The balance is the most soothing, rich blend of oils that I love it for when I’m feeling a little stressed. As someone that struggles with anxiety, I’ve found it really calming to rub on my temples and take a little “time out” when I start to get overwhelmed. I keep both in my purse and love that I have a little “tool kit” for some highs and lows throughout the day.

doterra balance blend

I’m a big fan so far and would love to expand the oils I use when money allows it. While I won’t claim any wondrous affects or healing powers in my own life quite yet, I think they are an awesome, natural way — in combination with standard medicine if necessary — to make some positive health changes for anyone.

Here is what DoTerra recommends for balancing and lifting mood throughout the day:

Recommended Daily Protocol for Mood Management

Use at least one oil in each category, twice per day:

  1. Calming Oil (Flower oils, Serenity, Whisper, Solace, Melissa, Immortelle, Rom. Chamomille) Massage into: heart, base of neck, across forehead, temples or stomach…wherever emotional pain is felt; “put it where it hurts”
  2. Cleansing Oil (Citrus oils, Slim & Sassy, Citrus Bliss, Zendocrine, Purify)
    Put in water and massage into: bottom of feet or spine, stomach and/or liver and/or kidney area
  3. Grounding Oil (Tree oils, Balance, Patchouli) Massage into: bottom of feet and base of neck or temples
  4. Lifting Oil (Citrus oils, Elevation, PastTense, Peppermint) Massage into: heart, temples or base of neck
  5. Protecting Oil (OnGuard, TerraShield, Helichrysum)
    Massage into: shoulders (with carrier oil) and/or spine or bottom of feet
  6. Frankincense! (magnifies effects of all oils + calms, protects, lifts and grounds)


A huge thank you to DoTerra for letting me try something new!

  • Have you tried essential oils? Would you?


Disclaimer: I received DoTerra product for free and am being compensated for my time. All opinions and love of carrying these oils in my purse are my own. 

**I am not endorsing any medical benefits or claims about essential oils or supporting any claims made by this company or others.**

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