A Different Sort of Thanksgiving

My mom and one of my brothers will be absent from Thanksgiving this year. A surgery needed to happen (everyone is fine!) and the dates were limited, so they both will be out of town.

What kind of Thanksgiving is it when you’re mom isn’t even there to cook the meal!!!?

Luckily I am much less of a pain in the butt now than I used to be — I have major issues with change and have thrown ridiculous fits in the past — and it’s totally fine, although definitely disappointing, that things will be different this year.

My aunt and I will take over much of the cooking, which is exciting! I always help a little, but I think it’s great that I’ll be even more involved this year. Cooking an entire Thanksgiving dinner is quite the undertaking and I feel like as a 27-year-old that may one day attempt to make this meal for her own family, I should learn the ropes.

My other aunt and uncle are coming in town and we’ll make some of their favorite oyster dressing recipe as well. And we have some family friends that have two twin baby boys joining us. It’ll be a some-family-some-friends affair! Perfect!

Thanksgiving Dinner

On Our Menu:

Our favorite cheese & crab english muffin appetizers, similar to these. They are gone in the blink of an eye.

Turkey, of course! We just bake ours in the oven stuffed with yummy…stuffing.

Homemade gravy

Homemade brandied cranberries

Two types of stuffing — usually stouffers + the oyster stuffing this year

Sweet potatoes with orange balsamic glaze

Green beans and brussel sprouts

Rolls with butter

Ambrosia salad

Pumpkin pie

Apple pie

Pecan pie {Usually Paula Dean’s Bourbon Pecan Pie}

Thanksgiving Table

We usually cook all day {well, the boys usually watch football all day, occasionally making their way into the kitchen for snacks} and eat around 5 or 6 pm at our dining room table with our pretty china and serving pieces. Definitely one of the few special occasions where we get out the good stuff each year!

I LOVE hearing about other family traditions. Coming from a relatively small family, people that have Thanksgiving for 40 or go to multiple meals in one day is so crazy to me!! Please share yours!

Happy early Thanksgiving, friends. I’m grateful every day that you share this space with me. <3


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