Weekly Reads Wednesday 11.26.14


For all of you travelling, be safe! I get to drive home tonight and I cannot wait. I’m also getting a haircut today. EEK — my first since May and with a brand new lady here in Louisville, which makes me nervous. But I’m excited for the ends to not be so ratty anymore. Maybe I’ll do something fun with it. Or probably not, since I never do.

weekly reads wednesday

Health, Fitness, & Body Image

I Recently Reached My Dream Weight…And Why It Doesn’t Matter Anymore <—Jamie knows what’s up.

Workout Comparison

On Thin Privilege <– I definitely relate to this odd dichotomy, and this is a very important post!

Everything I Thought About Recovery Is A Lie <–learning who you REALLY are is difficult, but also hugely rewarding!

8 Ways Yoga Makes You Better At Life <—why I do yoga, summed up beautifully.

What If People Treated Physical Illness Like Mental Illness?

What Perturbed Me About E!’s Red Carpet Coverage

 Happiness and Presence

On Being Present And Blogging <–so real, so relatable. 

How To Be Happier Right Now <– Her first tip is key for me!

Staying Current

Charts For People Obsessed With Serial <—aka me.

St. Louis – My Hometown’s Beauty

Thoughts On Ferguson And My Hometown 

  • What’s the best thing you’ve read recently?

A Different Sort of Thanksgiving

My mom and one of my brothers will be absent from Thanksgiving this year. A surgery needed to happen (everyone is fine!) and the dates were limited, so they both will be out of town. What kind of Thanksgiving is it when you're mom isn't even there … [Continue reading]

TODAY ONLY: 99 Cent Paleo E-Books!

Paleo E-books

Before I start -- My heart goes out to my home town of St. Louis. It's my hope that we can all practice tolerance, empathy, and love during such an awful time. I can't believe the things I see and hear happening in my own home. My prayers are for … [Continue reading]