This post is sponsored by ALDI. 

In my first ALDI 101 recap, I told you guys all about shopping the store and the operating efficiencies they used to keep their prices so low.

This time…the FOOD. The first thing we did when we got to ALDI was head to their test kitchen to try what seemed like every single thing they sell. I wish they had said come starving because all they did was feed us!



First we did a blind taste test — an ALDI product vs. the national leading brand. We each tasted, voted, and then they revealed the answers. Tons of us picked ALDI for almost everything, but others were half and half. The best news is it was hard to tell — the ALDI brand taste pretty much identical or better than big names like Chobani, Tostitos, Wholly Guacamole, etc…I was definitely surprised!


Next we got to sample tons of their new lines — the LiveGfree line (all Gluten Free) and their SimplyNature line.  They had an RD from their influencer panel, Tara Gidus, explain to us why their nutritionist approved and chose these products as healthy choices.




Highlights: Veggie chips, Almond Butter, liveGfree Frozen Pizza, liveGfree chocolate cookie bites!

Next up the Tara and Chef Brigitte Nguyen did a presentation on “Eating For Energy” — instead of “eating for weight loss” etc, this was all about giving yourself ENERGY for your day! They talked to us about how they created each recipe and then we got to taste test.



OMG! So good. I have already recreated some of these….


(I re-made the chicken, sweet potato maple patties a few time, and this was the inspiration for my italian spiced shrimp dinner one night!)


Next up we had a DIY Salad challenge where they had basically a fully-stocked salad bar, people there to dice things for us, and all the tools to create our very own salad dressings. We got to create our own dream salad! My “A Better Steak Dinner” did not win the competition (sad face) but it was actually really fun to be creative. And I’d never made my own salad dressing without a recipe before! Lots of taste testing….


My salad has spinach, steak, chickpeas, blueberries, mushrooms, goat cheese, peaches and a homemade balsamic vinaigrette. I dug it.


And then, as if we hadn’t been eating enough, we had a multi-course dinner prepared with a bunch of recipes from ALDI’s website. Smoothies, salads, pastas, wine, DESSERTS! It was foodie heaven.


(The jalepeno mint smoothie was SO interesting and good!)



(The avocado mousse cups and the gluten free cupcakes were to die for! They even gave us to-go boxes:)

I was so impressed by the creative recipes and luckily they sent us home with them all (you can find most on the website)– I keep it on my counter since there are so many good ones I want to try!


(Salmon, Grapefruit and Avocado salad that I’ve recreated a few times at home, Veggie pasta, steak salad, cauliflower rice, veggie noodles — the final plate of food for the day)


As I said before, the ALDI trip totally swayed me. My opinion of the store has improved 100%, and I now shop there as regularly as possible (it’s not the closest store to me, so if I’m in a rush it’s hard!) I have been super happy with the food I’ve purchased there and have been inspired to try cooking new things as well since I got to try so many fun meals on the trip.


Again, thanks so much to ALDI for an incredible trip!

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