Five Things Friday 10.31.14

Happy Friday, Happy Halloween!!!

I hear weather around the country is gonna be pretty nasty for Trick or Treating tonight, which is a bummer! I’ve just got a party with some friends here in Louisville so luckily I can stay inside. One of these days I want to just stay home and pass out candy to kiddos though!!

What are your plans?

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Five Things I Ate:

Coconut butter obsession this week. I just put it on top of any meal. This one featured chicken cooked in my favorite way which is thin strips pan-fried with olive oil, salt, and oregano. So fast, juicy, and scrumptious.

Chicken, veg & coconut butter dinner

Spaghetti squash, purple cabbage, ground beef with peppers, and coconut butter of course.

ground beef, spaghetti squash and coconut butter

Nightly scoops of almond butter after dinner.

Larabars. Love them. Best snack.

Chocolate. I was a hungry monster on Thursday and just couldn’t kick my cravings, so to the vending machine for a Hershey’s bar it was! MMMMM

Five Workouts:

Mon: BUTI glow yoga!

Tues: 20 min intervals + arm workout

Wed: Yoga

Thurs: Leg workout (see the pin below!)

Fri: A walk or yoga before the Halloween party I think!

Five Pins:


GIMME. Paleo Monkey Bars from The Paleo Mom 


Drooling over this dress! It’s perfect. From Anthro. 


Not for a nursery, but really loving the arrows for some wall decor. Source. 


Loving Lauren’s workouts lately! Plus she seems like the biggest sweetheart. Did this one on Thursday.


Good tips!! Never heard of half these places. Source. 

Five Things Making Me Happy:

Hanging my entry nook and gallery wall!!! I’ve had these in the works for a while but was slowly collecting pieces I loved. Finally have something on my walls!



Lifting. It feels so good to feel strong again and work muscles that have been MIA.

A White Plum delivery! I can’t wait to show you guys all my goodies (plus a giveaway!) I have worked with the boutique a few times now and always LOVE the goodies they send. It’s like early Christmas!!

White Plum Cardigan

Family text convos. A few weeks ago we started a group message for some reason, and we’ve kept it going. Now I talk to my brothers and parents WAY more than I used to and we keep each other up to day on our lives and other hilarious happenings. Like how my brother won a ceiling fan in a golf competition.

Ummm…coconut butter? Does that count? I’ve been so so digging it lately. For someone that isn’t a huge coconut fan, I’m all about the stuff.

  • Your turn! What’s making you happy this week?

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