Yesterday was a Good Day

Yesterday just went well. Love those days.

First up was my mock interview – the one I got scared into buying a suit for – and I was SO nervous. I had butterflies, and it was a MOCK interview!

It ended up going so well, which made me so happy. I got great feedback on my answers and really helpful tips on how to better them, but none of it felt mean or rude.

Clare - Interview Suit

AND she told me I looked great! I actually ended up getting 50% off on a different suit at Jcrew Factory this past weekend in Hilton Head, so I’ll be returning the one from Ann Taylor. I like this one much better! (Of course I do. It’s J.Crew)

Then I went to school, figured out some Orgo Lab homework, and had my LAST EVER Organic Chemistry class! Craziness.

We got out a bit early so I had time to run to the gym before physics.


Clare - Five Mile Run

I repeat. I ran five miles! Guys…it was super slow for me, but that’s the farthest I’ve run since last JULY.

I was so thrilled. I really just want to be able to add casual running back to my activities, and I have NOT felt like much of a runner lately with my lack of endurance and speed. This just makes me so happy that I can get back to it with some work!

All smiles I went to physics class and my professor derived some major quantum physics theory (Bohr’s). He told us to take a picture, for real. He was proud.

(Side note: we are actually FINISHING our physics text book. Like doing every single chapter. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.)

Physics Derivation


Then came home to a deliciously huge egg wrap (plus an apple) for dinner and some physics homework and snacks through the night.

Egg and veggie wrap

Just a solid day all around. I’ll take more of those, please.

  • What made yesterday good for you?


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