Five Things Friday 1.23.15

Happy Happy Friday, friends!! I’m SO pumped for a few days of relaxation after a stressful week. My whole body and mind is just begging for a break! I have plans for yoga, a little birthday party for Brittany’s big boy, and to use my acupuncture gift certificate! CAN’T WAIT!

I’m thinking some journaling is in the cards, too, since I have so much to reflect on from my 40 Days reading and even some blog comments and conversations. Everything is a lesson, and I am so grateful to have y’all there reading my raw feelings and emotions and giving me feed back (whether I like it or not!) I’m working hard to make some progress with clarity and growth, and to become a more gracious, calm, and loving person all around. I mess up all the time, so thanks for following along with me, y’all:)

What do you have planned this weekend?

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Five Things I Ate:

A (very ripe) banana and almond butter. It had been way too long, and then I had one with lunch and it made me whole day.

Homemade chicken “noodle” soup — recipe to come!

Homemade chicken "noodle" soup

Tons of cuties. Often with Justin’s chocolate almond butter. They were just a vehicle for the chocolate.

Cuties with almond butter

A massively huge pork chop, expertly made by the BF with a side of sweet potatoes and asparagus.

Pork Chops dinner

My grain-free breakfast sandwiches each day! And I had the biggest most perfect avocado for them. So yum.

Grain Free Breakfast Sandwich

Five Workouts:

Still on the every day 40 Days To A Personal Revolution train.

Mon: Yoga

Tues: Yoga

Wed: OFF from yoga – took a walk and then went in the steam room where I lasted for about 5 minutes and felt like I was dying.

Thurs: Yoga

Fri: Yoga!

As I said in Thursday’s post, I’m started to crave some variety and not look forward to my yoga practices as much. It’s been over two weeks of only yoga, and though I told myself I’d try to hit the studio every day, I am considering taking on some shorter practices at home to give myself time for more variety with other workouts. I’ll let you know!

Five Pins:

(I rearranged and reorganized my pinterest boards! Check it out!)

attract what you expect

This. Remind myself and try hard each day to do this. Grateful for grace when I fail.  Source. 

Paleo pumpkin pie cupcakes

These pumpkin cupcakes look so gooey and awesome!! Source


Important quote to me right now. <3 Verily

Spaghetti squash carbonara

Sweet potato carbonara. HOW GOOD DOES THIS LOOK? Source

Balsamic Steak Roll Ups

Unique way to eat steak for dinner! Source

Five Things Making Me Happy:

GORGEOUS weather that meant I could take lunch time walks!!!

Slow evenings. JC has been busy most nights this week, which means I can just eat simple meals, chill on my couch, and get to bed early.

Netflix. I have never been a huge Netflix or TV person, but lately I’ve been all about it. I finished all the Buying and Selling episodes, and now I’m starting Gilmore Girls.

My 40 Days group. I love that everyone is so willing to share and listen, and that we all are understanding and caring with our responses. We help each other grow and reframe situations in positive ways, without judgment or shame. It’s so awesome. Inspiration for me to be better person and approach everyone and every situation with the same caring an empathetic heart.

Acupuncture this weekend! So pumped to try something new and see if it affects me. Plus my back has been killing me lately, and I’m really hoping this helps relax it.

  • Your turn! What’s making you happy this week?


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