Yesterday I…

Slept for 9 hours. I can finally breathe again so I think it was the first night in a while that i got a deep, good sleep. Felt great.

Ran 3 miles on the treadmill. Slowly. Being grateful the whole time, watching a Boston Marathon Bombings special on ESPN.

Let my hair go wavy. Inspired by Katie, though my hair is nowhere near as curly or cool as hers is.

Clare with Wavy Hair

Regretted planning my trip to the post office on tax day.

Wore rain boots with shorts. Not my best look.

Ate gluten free cookies! A birthday treat for a celiac friend. They were divine.

Told myself to start taking pictures of things again so I actually have some to put in blog posts. (oops!)

Thanked the Lord it was only raining and not snowing, like it was back home.

Learned how to make sugar alcohols in organic chemistry. Asked nerdy nutrition questions.

Attempted to learn quantum physics. Crazy stuff.

Was ravenous. Honored that.

Found a recipe to make that uses the bag of coconut flour I’ve had, unopened, for years. These look like they’ll taste like spring. That’s an odd way of putting it.

Got lots of good studying done. 3 more days until I’m off to the beach for a quick break!













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