5 Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas

5 Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas


Who has last minute gifts to buy!?

So mine WOULDN’T be last minute except that one of my brothers just sent his list YESTERDAY and the other one still hasn’t yet!! YES Christmas is in like five days. And yes my family does lists. Otherwise we get gifts we don’t care about and are upset we didn’t get things we actually wanted. (Such an awful thing to say because gifts are not what the season is about!) Anyway, there are lists. And my brothers therefore have no presents yet, and I don’t do the malls at Christmas so their gives will be purchased online and likely arrive late. Booo.

Ok. SO anyway for those of you that actually DO have some last minute gifting to do sans-list, perhaps for a bunch of friends or mother-in-law or  great aunt, these DIY gifts are perfect. I already have a bunch made for gifts this year which fits perfectly into my super low budget. Plus they are adorable and personalized!

Here are my favorites – 4 I have made and one that I’m dying to make. It might end up being a St. Patrick’s Day gift for someone.

1. DIY Personalized Mugs


The gift of the year for me! I’ve made these for quite a few people and it’s the easiest, cutest gift that looks like it took forever. You can get mugs (or bowls or anything!) really cheaply. I get mine with coupons at Bed Bath and Beyond usually because the dollar store fails me. And then you buy some sharpie Paint Pens (not regular sharpies!!) at Michaels or Hobby Lobby if it’s not Sunday. Also pick up a pack of stickers! I recommend bringing your mugs with you so you can choose the right size of sticker.

Check out the link for directions on how to complete this! I have been making them while mindlessly watching TV shows at night and drinking a glass of wine. Doesn’t get much better:)

Also, you could write “There’s a chance this is wine” on a mug too! I’ve seen that on Pinterest and think it’s hilarious and might make it soon for someone.

2. Frosted Personalized Wine Glasses

Personalized Wine Glasses

This is a gift I made for Lolo when I lived down in Dallas and gets tons of repins! All you need are some cheap wine glasses (or expensive ones, I guess), stickers, and some glass frosting paint from Michaels or Hobby Lobby. I think making a whole set or making one for each friend would be adorable.

Check out the link for instructions!

3. Thumb Tack Art

Thumb-tac DIY art

I made one of these for my own gallery wall, and then have made a few as baby gifts too! I feel like new moms just love all things monogrammed for their babies so one of these is perfect for a nursery. (Or so I hope…or else they hate my gift.) Silver and gold thumbtacks are pretty cheap and you can buy these canvases at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Use a coupon! Always.

I have just drawn the letter by hand while looking at a picture, but you could also buy a big sticker or print something out if you don’t trust yourself.  These take all of 20 minutes and look so special.

4. DIY Coconut Oil Body Scrub

coconut oil body scrub

Another one of mine that is crazy simple (And also not at all original) but has gotten pinned a lot. Combine some large grain sugar with coconut oil, add some yummy smelling extract, and put it in an adorable glass jar tied up with a ribbon. Luxurious gift in no time.

5. Personalized Painted Coasters

DIY coasters

This is the one I want to try!! I have no real coasters and neither does JC, and I feel like that’s just something everyone needs to have when they are adults and trying to learn how to not ruin their furniture. I want to pain shamrocks and monograms and all kinds of cute fun stuff. Have you tried it? Let me know if you do!!


I apologize that this post is so rambly. I just read Ali’s Maui post and it was amazing so I just went with that theme and wrote exactly what came out of my head. This is what happens to me after long days at work. I just spew nonsense.

Happy Holidays, y’all! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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