5 Best Podcasts For Car Trips

I’ve driven a LOT in the past year. I drove to Charlottesville, then back and forth to Louisville to visit JC, and now back and forth to St. Louis, Cincy, and Indianapolis.

Thank goodness I have my hybrid with great gas mileage!

Books on tape don’t work for me – I get bored and fall asleep – but podcasts are GREAT. I think I like that there are episodes, so they make the time pass quickly but you get breaks when each episode ends.

Here are my favorites!

5 Best Podcasts For Car Trips

1. This American Life

My favorite NPR show, this is just under an hour of pure awesome stories. Each episode has a topic, like “Dopplegangers” or “Cutting Corners” — usually something sort of vague — but the stories and facts you learn are incredible. It’s SO entertaining! And if you have a lot of driving in the future, get the app and start at the beginning years and years ago. Listen in order. Pretty awesome to go back and hear what was hot back then!

2. TED Radio Hour

Close up with This American Life, you can choose from a crazy about of awesome topics to listen to, all compiled from the best TED talks. It’s my dream to give a TED talk one day, so I obviously love this show.

3. Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

2nd favorite NPR show, this is a comedy “news quiz” where they bring on guests, talk about current events, and crack jokes with the comedian panel. Great one liners in this one.

4. Jillian Michaels

I still haven’t figured out exactly what Jillian Michael’s podcast is about….I think she just talks about whatever she feels like that week. But she’s pretty relatable and often has good lessons. It’s not all fitness either.

5. Balanced Bites

I’m not paleo, but I love these ladies’ perspective on health and food. They talk about ALL kinds of health topics and really promote wellness and good digestion over being skinny or anything like that. I’m not all into lots of bone broth or liver, but I can get on board with a message of sound nutrition and a well-functioning body.

  • What do you listen to in the car? Favorite podcasts I should get into?

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