Five Things Friday 3.27.15

Someone tell me how it is almost April?

Also, Happy Friday! Fun weekend planned? I don’t have a whole lot going on — just lots of basketball and an end-of-season squash dinner with JC on Saturday. And rest. And sleep. And cleaning my car (ugh.)

Here’s a little peek into my week! Enjoy and check out the awesome posts linked-up below!

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Five Things I Ate:

THESE TURKEY MEATBALLS MADE IN THE CROCKPOT. Oh my goodness, so easy and best things ever. Totally a new staple. And the make your house smell delicious. JC already requested I make them again next week.

crock pot meatballs

Thai chicken noodles with spicy peanut sauce recipe! Another AWESOME recipe. Goodness I had a good cooking week. I used rice noodles in place of zucchini noodles (no zuchs, otherwise I probably would have mixed them) and I also had to mess with the sauce recipe a bit – adding water and soy — because it seemed to be pure PB and too thick at first. But dang it was awesome.

thai chicken peanut sauce

My sprinkled cadburry creme eggs, duh. They’re gone now. And yes they are sickeningly sweet. I am very open about my insane sweet tooth.

Sprinkled Cadbury Creme Eggs 2

Shrimp Creole. Another crockpot recipe. Good, but wanting even more of the creole flavor.

Shrimp Creole

Wine. I was a total wine-o this week and had a glass or two each night.

Five Workouts:

Mon: This Tabata circuit workout! phew! Loved it and will probably do it again some time!

Tues: Yoga

Wed: 1 mile run + Jess’ 1000 rep strength workout, except only 3 rounds instead of 10 because apparently I totally overestimate myself.

Thurs: Yoga

Fri: Rest? Likely more beer and and basketball.

Five Pins:

discover who you are and be happy quote


bodyweight workout


all the light we cannot see

my new book. //via//



intellectual conversations

Yes. //via//

Five Things Making Me Happy:

March Madness is so fun! This is the first year I’ve gotten as into it, because Louisville is such a basketball town, but it’s so great to watch games and hang with friends! Doesn’t hurt that ND made it to the Sweet 16! ELITE 8 BABY!

Trying great new recipes this week. The ones I talked about above. They all rocked, which is rare. It made dinners so exciting!

COLLEEEN HAS A BAAABBBYYY. I actually was texting with her approximately 2 hours before she gave birth to this beautiful baby boy…she was saying she thought it’d be soon…it WAS! Go tell her congratulations.

Some great blog opportunities/partnerships popping up. Nothing confirmed – more details as I can – but it’s stuff I’m excited about!

JC and I went to a super fun Louisville Arts event for young professionals on Wednesday! It was a last minute invitation, but at a gorgeous house with lots of wine, apps, and local Shakespeare artists! We met lots of new people it was such a fun new thing – definitely a great organization to be involved with!

Louisville Fund For The Arts

  • Your turn! What’s making you happy this weekend?

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