Weekly Reads Wednesday 8.27.14

Happy Wednesday!!

Man I can’t wait for this long weekend. I am going SO MANY PLACES AND DOING SO MANY THINGS. Family time & friend time and football time! The best!

weekly reads wednesday

On Women:

Building The Most Attractive Female Body Imaginable <– at first I thought I would hate this because it’s all about how to look hot, but turns out it’s really promoting optimal HEALTH. Not being too thing, eating enough and lift in enough weight to put on some muscle, and steering away from what the media tries to tell us men find attractive. Pretty cool, and well researched. It’s LONG.

Dear Woman

On Blogging:

My Blogging Journey: Pushing Through The Darkness <–your MUST READ for the week. I wrote about this post specifically this past weekend.

The Blog Comment Dilemma <–what do you guys think? I totally agree with some posts warranting no comments, but what about bloggers that NEVER allow comments?

On Life:

Couple Mistakes Crippling Codependency for True Love <–pretty funny

The Classes You Should take In College <–Love a list like this! I took most of these, too!

Why I Will Never Lie To My Children About Food

Use Your Gifts

Lessons From A Nomad


Is Notre Dame Football Too Demanding?

Football Team Votes To Sing Alma Mater Regardless of Outcome <–love thee <3

On Super Important Things….

And The Next Bachelor Is…

  • What’s the best thing you’ve read this week?

2014 Emmy’s Red Carpet – Best Dressed

Maria Menounos - Emmys 2014

I am SO glad you all appreciated my post on antidepressants this morning. I loved reading all the comments and shared stories. Now totally switching gears - DRESSES. I've been doing these "best dressed" posts for so many years! I barely even watch … [Continue reading]

On Antidepressants, Anxiety, and Prescription Medication for Eating Disorder Recovery

Antidepressants, anxiety, and eating disorders

This is a reader request post. I've been asked a few times to talk about my experience with antidepressants, something I am very open about taking. I am not the biggest fan of medication. I like to find lifestyle solutions if possible, but totally … [Continue reading]