Nova Scotia Organics – Check Out These Nails!

Happy Monday! I had a pretty low key weekend. My cold was at its worst so I mostly just studied. I did walk down to the Festival of Nations for a little while and saw Man Called U.N.C.L.E with my mom, but most of the time was spent at my desk. At least I am feeling better and feel prepared for the week ahead  – another exam this Friday!


This might be the first time ever that I’ve started taking new vitamins and can confidently say they are working! Vitamins are so hard — can you really see or feel a tangible difference from taking them?

Nova Scotia Organics

Well, I started a few Nova Scotia Organics supplements and here is the tangible difference: MY NAILS.

Nova Scotia Organics - Skin Hair and Nails

(Long nails! For me!)

I have the most brittle, dry nails. They crack and peel and so they are very rarely past my finger tip. They are usually short and chipped and not the long, strong nails I’ve wanted. And no I don’t have pictures of those. It’s not pretty.


Nova Scotia Organics Nails

That might not look like much, but this is the longest my nails have ever been…maybe ever? And they are strong! No cracks or peels! I truly think that taking the healthy skin, hair and nails supplement has done that. This growth only started after I began adding them to my morning regiment about 2 weeks ago. It’s such a little thing, but such a noticeable difference for me. I’ve even gotten compliments on my nails from others.

Nova Scotia Organics

And for the first time in years I actually had to CUT MY NAILS. Usually they peel or chip off before they get to that point. It made me so happy. I’m a dork.

I’m also taking the women’s multivitamin, which I try to always do as a little boost and reinforcement to my usual diet, and this brand seems great. I really like their focus on quality, unprocessed ingredients, USDA Certified Organic ingredients. And I love that it’s a small company started by an entrepreneurial woman.

Nova Scotia Organics

There are some chewable pre and probiotic tablets I was sent, but I’m not a huge fan of the taste. I keep the probiotic formula powder in my kitchen to add to smoothies! Always good to add in a supplement to keep my finicky digestive system in check.

I’ve been very impressed with Nova Scotia Organics, mostly because it’s the first time I’ve actually noticed a substantial positive change from taking supplements. They have a great line of products so you can search by the type of vitamin or mineral you’re looking for. They also have some dried fruit and smoothie options!

I would recommend the company  to someone searching for a good vitamin – especially if you need help with brittle nails – and will likely order from them again. Probably right when I run out of my Skin Hair & Nails tablets:)



**Disclaimer: I was sent products from Nova Scotia Organics free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

**Disclaimer: There are no studies I am aware of validating the efficacy of Nova Scotia Organic products. All opinions are based on my own experience. Talk to your physician about whether or not you need to be taking any vitamins or supplements. Natural health products are regulated as a subset of drugs under the Food and Drugs Act in Canada. More on those regulations here: Regulation Of Natural Health Products


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