Notre Dame, St. Louis, and Louisville!


I’m exhausted. This weekend was so fun — and it’s not over yet! 14 hours of driving through 5 states and SO many events!

HAPPY LABOR DAY! I hope you are having a wonderful day off if you get one. Here are some pics of my weekend thus far!


Cool sky on the drive from Louisville to Notre Dame.  We decided to buy an e-book since we had so much driving this weekend, and are listening to Catastrophic Care: How The American Healthcare System Killed My Father – And How We Can Fix It. A little bit of a dramatic title, but the book is SO good. If you’re at all interested in medicine and healthcare (and the crazy mess it is at the moment) this book is fascinating. He has a totally different view, explains a TON, and really brings to light a lot of the issues.

Notre Dame A Capella

Saturday morning starting with a 3 mile run around campus and then we went to see JC’s sister sing! She’s in an a cappella group at Notre Dame and they were SO good.

Dani, Jackie, Clare at Notre Dame!

Tailgates! Best friends!  It was supposed to storm all day but we got lucky with just one quick downpour in the second half.

Notre Dame Tailgates

Back at it:) And yes my parents came and met JC’s…it went very well! My dad says I have them fooled..apparently they said nice things about me:)

Notre Dame Football

GO IRISH! We beat Rice!

St. Louis Arch

After having tons of people over for dinner and staying up too late, we hit the road Sunday morning to get to St. Louis!

Clare & Bartell Girls

We celebrated my neighbor’s wedding! Check out his nieces – the flower girls. I looooove them! Makes me wish I still lived at home so I could babysit more.

JC and John in St. Louis

We went to dinner at a bar afterward and JC and my older brother played video games the whole time.


NEEDED a salad after I got back to Louisville today. I also ate a cookie though. And the Louisville tailgate starts in a few hours! They open their season against Miami tonight at 8, so we’re heading down there soon.

GAH, so fun, but man I cannot wait for some sleep in my own bed!

Hope y’all had a great weekend to!

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