White Water Rafting in Colorado

So I meant to do a post on more details of the Colorado trip, but I wound up with tons of catch up to do when I got back to Louisville last night and not enough time to put it together. Instead, WHITE WATER RAFTING!!!


My mom had mentioned rafting as something we could do, but I was the one that was super into it. I called a company I found online (Performance Tours), got the rates and availability, and booked a trip for Saturday morning.

white water 2

To my surprise, both of my parents agreed to go! It was my two brothers, Kevin’s girlfriend, my parents and I. white water 3

I was told this would be a pretty easy ride. They said 8-year-olds go on it and we would probably get a little wet, but not too bad.

white water 4

And then we showed up and they gave us wetsuits. UH OH. My dad was definitely giving me evil looks.

white water 5

On the bus ride to the start they gave us their standard safety talk, but it freaked us out! It was all about what to do if you fall out, how to not get caught in the current and **die!!**, what to do if you have to swim to shore, etc. YIKES. 
white water 6

Luckily that’s just the talk they have to give everyone, and none of us felt unsafe or like we were going to fall out during the trip. white water 7

The first 20 minutes or so were pretty relaxed. We got the hang of the commands and paddling, asked our guide lots of questions, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

white water 8


white water 9

We were on the Blue River and our trip was level 2 and 3 rapids. Rapids are measured on a scale from 0 to 5, with 5 being the hardest. white water 10

Yeah, we got soaked. My older brother and I agreed to go in front and get the worst of it.

white water 11

But holy cow was it FUN!!! We were all smiling and laughing and shrieking the whole way!

white water 12

I didn’t want it to end!
white water 13

white water 14

white water 15

white water 16

white water 17

white water 19

It was over before we knew it, and all of us agreed we could have handled a longer trip! The rapids were so fun, and level 2-3 was the perfect amount of excitement.

I was so happy that it ended up being great, especially since at the beginning I was feeling a little scared about dragging my family into what seemed like a intense and scary ride. All of them said it was a blast – even my dad!!

Pictures are from the professional photographer that followed us along the river. We were able to buy a CD of her photos for a very reasonable price, so we can have these memories forever.

  • Have you ever been white water rafting?? Would you go?

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