Five Things Friday 8.22.14


I looooved hearing all your great fitness accomplishements and goals in the comments of yesterday’s post! Some major pull-up motivation for me…I’m so bad at them!

I’ve got a wedding with JC this weekend for complete strangers (to me, at least), so that should be fun:) Likely NOT going to wear the dress, but still up in the air. Hope you have great plans!

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Five Things I Ate:

Oatmeal with coconut oil. A reader had this Skinny Coconut Oil sent to me to try. It is apparently the only TRULY cold pressed coconut oil, and it’s pretty awesome! They have free samples on their site, and their graphic and product design is awesome.

Skinny Coconut Oil

Sweet potato with coconut butter as part of lunch! A coconut themed week. I had this Artisana coconut butter sample and it was really good. Might have to try and find some more.

Sweet Potato with Coconut Butter

PIZZA. Oh goodness on Sunday night I was craving pizza, and when I suggested Mellow Mushroom to JC he was on board. We ordered a mediterranean pizza and ate it while watching Dead Poets Society. Great Sunday night.

Mellow Mushroom Pizza

Dr. Praeger’s burgers! An old favorite I haven’t had in a long time. These are NOT “burgers”, but rather deliciously soft veggie patties. I love them.

Rotisserie chicken! Got this guy for $5.99 at Lucky’s and it’s lasting me three meals! GOSH the seasoned skin is soooo good…

Rotisserie Chicken Dinner


Five Workouts:

Mon: Yoga with Brittany!!

Tues: 4 mile run + pushups and bicep curls

Wed: 3 mile interval run + this quick circuit workout from Hungry Runner. I thought about going to Body Pump for some strength but was NOT in the mood for another hour of working out, so I scrolled through instagram and found this instead! It was great.

Circuit Workout

Thurs: Morning walk + YOGA

Fri: 8 mile run planned since we’re heading to a wedding tomorrow. I’m scared!

Five Pins:

100 Rep Challenge

If I ever feel like working REALLY hard, I’ll try this workout. SourceStripes, Leopard, Pink Fashion

Perfection. Source71ce66310806022ca808dc436fec2aa4

<3 Verily

sweet potato and quinoa turkey chili

Awesome fall recipe!  Iowa Girl Eats

Row Workout

I kind of love/hate this workout. I love/hate rowing. From lindsay!

Five Things Making Me Happy:

Seeing friends!! I love hanging out with Brittany (we joke that we have to get our weekly dose) PLUS my friend from high school, Maddie, was in town for work and we got to have dinner together!

Clare and Maddie

Hanging the mirrors in my bedroom. They had been sitting on my dresser so I had to kneel down every day to do my make up. I finally hung them. About time.

I was going to say Skyping with Colleen, but she bailed last minute because she’s awful. Just kidding, we rescheduled because she’s not feeling well. Send her well wishes. Instead I’ll choose the raw brownie I ate last night that I got sent from Urban Remedy. It the best treat to come home to! Can’t wait to try all the other juices and goodies they sent me.

Feeling SUPER relaxed at the middle of this week. I somehow found myself with time to read on my couch with a cup of tea on Wednesday night (perk of not having cable…no mindless TV to watch!) and then woke up early enough on my own to go on a morning walk on Thursday. It. was. awesome. I wish I’d always have time for things like that!

Morning Walk - Beautiful Louisville

She Reads Truth. I took far too long of a break from daily devotionals, and I’m trying to get myself back into it. She Reads Truth is plain awesome, and always has relatable messages. Best way to start the morning.

COOL BONUS: Two friends’ weddings have been featured on Style Me Pretty!! Becca and Josh were in my class at Notre Dame, and Elizabeth was a good friend in high school. Such gorgeous weddings!

  • Your turn! What’s making you happy this week? 


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