Five Things Friday 5.29.15

Hi friends.

How was your short week? Mine flew by, and I have NO plans this weekend. Zip. Nada. Love it.

As you’ll see below, I experimented with some¬†different foods this week — one’s I’ve stared clear of since I got diagnosed with SIBO. I guess I got brave, and really missed some of my favorite foods (ones that I usually only splurge on/deal with when it’s a special meal as opposed to every day.) Good news: some things didn’t bother me! Bad news: some things did. Booooo. So I guess I have to go back and really figure out the culprits – probably FODMAPs based. Regardless, the food was all delicious:)

Okay, enough digestion talk, on to Five Things!

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Five Things I Ate:

Awesome grilled veggie panini with cheese and some sort of delicious sauce from Paul’s Fruit Mart on Monday for lunch!

Collard wraps. Saw a pin and got inspired. Inside is sweet potato, red pepper, an egg, and avocado. With some coconut milk peanut sauce.

THIS amazing quinoa and chicken pesto crockpot meal. So good. So easy to have all week.

quinoa chicken pesto

Overnight oats — just simple with strawberries and flax. Missed this meal SO much.

Coconut flakes! Saw these on sale at the store and they are a great snack – I’ve been having them with some almonds.

Five Workouts:

Mon: Off

Tues: Sprints + full body lift. It’d been a while. OUCH

Wed: Yoga!

Thurs: 4.6 mile run

Fri: Yoga or rest

Five Pins:

black flats

These may have to be my next shoe purchase… //zappos//


Herbed goat cheese and mushroom. YUM. //via//

wedding dress

This just makes me want to twirl! //via//


Peonies are my favorite. //via//



Five Things Making Me Happy:

Dewy spring mornings with chirping birds. It’s my favorite time of the morning, and I love that it’s light out enough when I wake up that I can take some walks before work and enjoy it.

Coffee in bed. New thing I’ve started. I wake up and bring my coffee in bed for some She Reads Truth or journaling or whatever. Makes the morning a little slower and nicer to ease into.

Running and Lifting! I felt so good about my workouts this week — I felt STRONG, or at least like I was building strength. That’s the best feeling.

Red wine. Cab Sav (Sauv, if it pleases you) is my new thing, since it’s mostly what we drank in Napa.¬†

Where I live. I love that I live on very friendly streets, close to a park that’s always active, and also close to restaurants and stores. I try not to take it for granted and walk and enjoy as much as I can, because I sure will miss it when I move.

  • your turn! what’s making you happy this week?


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