Five Things Friday 1.30.15


I am SO looking forward to spending time with JC (our weeks have been so busy lately that we rarely see each other), some yoga, some friends, some Super Bowl! Should be a great one! What are your Super Bowl plans?

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Five Things I Ate:

Cantaloupe. With a spoon. One of my fav sweet snacks that I often forget about! The Cantaloupes are surprisingly juicy right now!

Sick day smoothie with Vega One and topped with Love Grown. YUM!

Oatmeal!! I’ve experimented with some grains lately and my stomach seems to be reacting okay! I had a Love Grown Blueberry Banana Walnut (my fav) with almond butter and savored every warm comforting bite.

Gluten Free chex mix that apparently Brittany MADE? So addicting.

Trail mix. Mostly for the chocolate chips. Also a sick day necessity.

Five Workouts:

MON: OFF – sick

Tues: Yoga!

Wed: Yoga

Thurs: Yoga

Fri: Yoga!

I was so excited for yoga this week after being sick! Just a few more weeks and my workouts will have more normal variety.

Five Pins:


I feel like I need this for my bath. For the book AND the wine. //via//


Classic and gorgeous. //via//

Necessary. //via//


Dream desk. //via//


Holy cow. A little intensive, but something tells me so, so worth it. //via//

Five Things Making Me Happy:

Sleep. I’ve been sleeping SO much lately – it’s like I can’t get enough no longer how much I’m in bed! Still recovering from being sick, I suppose.

JC. I’ve been feeling really lovey dovey toward him lately. Probably because we haven’t gotten to spend much time together recently. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Morning yoga in my living room. It’s dark and I light a candle and it’s just so peaceful. A great way to start the morning, get out all the creaks and aches, and spend a few moments alone before the rush of the day.

Gilmore Girls. Dang that show is heartwarming. But I am now addicted to it.

Beautiful food blogs. I go through phases where I get so inspired and think I’m going to make all these amazing dishes I see online, but then I realize I don’t make time for that stuff and usually end up eating pre-cooked chicken out of Tupperware. Anyway, right now PaleOMG and Honeystuck (see pin above) are totally doing it for me. It all looks SO GOOD.

  •  Your turn! What’s making you happy this week?

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