Five Things Friday 10.24.14

We made it to Friday!!

Although I’m definitely not wishing this week away. It was a great one that felt extra special with my birthday right in the middle. Plus I have a weekend AT HOME with NO NOTRE DAME GAME. Gosh what will I do with myself!? (Movie, Apartment decor, clean, lounge, carve pumpkins….yes. That’s what I’ll do.)

What do you have planned this weekend?

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Five Things I Ate:

CUPCAKES! MMM. The second day the were a little crumbly, as cupcakes and especially gluten free cupcakes will do, but chocolate + sugar is always good.

Birthday Cupcakes

The amazing scallop ceviche on my birthday.

Mayan Cafe - Scallop Ceviche

Bacon, eggs, and berries for breakfast!

Eggs and Bacon Breakfast

Some of my homemade jello! I’m not 100% satisfied with the flavor yet so if the next batch turns out better I’ll share a recipe.

Homemade Jello

My first kabocha squash!! It was good – I definitely like it better than some other squashes – but it’s got nothing on sweet potatoes.

Kabocha Squash

Five Workouts:

Mon – Yoga

Tues – Sprints + upper body

Wed – In and Out Leg workout

Thurs – Yoga

Fri – A walk or maybe yoga flow tonight

Five Pins:

Follow my boards! b89cdcca5f00e4d9b4990e9c98333d8a

Love. Source


LOVE this lighting option!! Source via Nicole


Yes please. From Gina. 


Might have to make these this weekend! Source. 


Dying for these!! From Anthro

Five Things Making Me Happy:

My birthday, of course! Never fails to give the week a little flair, plus fun dates and surprise gifts will always make me smile.

Hearing the ND band play! As alums, lots of people get a little lame about the cheers and leave them to the students. It was fun to do all the cheers again!

Notre Dame Band

My best friend’s sister had her baby!!! An adorable perfect little baby boy that I can’t wait to meet. We ALMOST share a birthday.

New bras. Seriously y’all, that sounds weird and pathetic, but getting new bras that fit (finally!) is totally making my day every single day. Underappreciated.

Going to yoga with JC’s sister. I suggested she try my studio and she loves it just as much as I do! Great to have a friend there and have more bonding time with her:)

  • Your turn! What’s making you happy this week?


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