I Am Not My Eating Disorder

I am NOT my eating disorder

It’s a tricky thing, eating disorder recovery. You’ve likely heard the comparison between eating disorder recovery and alcoholism recovery. You can quit alcohol, but you can’t just quit food.  People with eating disorders, including me, often have a touch of addiction and anxiety in their personalities. While alcohol abuse has never been tempting for me, […]

When You SHOULD Eat Junk Food!

When You SHOULD Eat Junk Food - Fitting It All In

One of the most common concerns in the emails I get is about eating “junk food” during recovery. People tell me, “But that food isn’t good for me!” You SHOULD eat junk food in recovery! People are very concerned with their health, to a sometimes orthorexic extent, and want to feed their body with nutrient […]

Easy, Quick & Cheap: Food This Semester


Y’all make my heart SO HAPPY. I got overjoyed at each little donation to the walk yesterday. It truly means more than you know. ************ Changing gears…. I am BAD at budgeting. I’m going to write a post soon on budgeting (and how I suck at it) but right now this is about the fact […]