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Breakfast with LB & Kevin!

Hi!! Happy Sunday! (Breakfast this morning in Indy) It’s a beautiful 70 degree and sunny day here in Louisville. I’m just back from Indianapolis and getting ready for a run and some grocery shopping for the week. This Sunday is especially fantastic because I didn’t give in to the temptations of drinking and lots of not-good-for-my-digestion […]

Humbled and Empathetic

I can’t help but feel that certain pieces of my life are sent to me as lessons in humility and empathy. Every few months, just at the time I find my mind wandering to not-so-pretty, self-righteous thoughts, I find something knew that makes me think, reconsider, and feel for others in a new way. My eating disorder was my […]

I Am Not My Eating Disorder

I am NOT my eating disorder

It’s a tricky thing, eating disorder recovery. You’ve likely heard the comparison between eating disorder recovery and alcoholism recovery. You can quit alcohol, but you can’t just quit food.  People with eating disorders, including me, often have a touch of addiction and anxiety in their personalities. While alcohol abuse has never been tempting for me, […]