Dear Jennifer Lawrence: Eating Disorders Are Not A Choice

Eating Disorders Are Not A Choice

I had a reader link to this article in the comments of my blog, asking me what I thought about it. At first I just skimmed it over. The article is about a statement Jennifer Lawrence made, saying that eating gluten-free is the new eating disorder. She said in an interview with Vanity Fair that gluten free diets are, […]

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Breakfast with LB & Kevin!

Hi!! Happy Sunday! (Breakfast this morning in Indy) It’s a beautiful 70 degree and sunny day here in Louisville. I’m just back from Indianapolis and getting ready for a run and some grocery shopping for the week. This Sunday is especially fantastic because I didn’t give in to the temptations of drinking and lots of not-good-for-my-digestion […]

Humbled and Empathetic

I can’t help but feel that certain pieces of my life are sent to me as lessons in humility and empathy. Every few months, just at the time I find my mind wandering to not-so-pretty, self-righteous thoughts, I find something knew that makes me think, reconsider, and feel for others in a new way. My eating disorder was my […]