Five Things Friday 2.28.14

Hello helloooo! I have a test today and then it’s weekend! And a test next week got rescheduled, making my weekend a whole lot calmer (and yet the weeks after spring break rather hellish.)

Not going anywhere and no visitors, so it’ll be a great weekend to catch up and get work done.

five-things-friday- must-reads!

Hope you all have fun things planned this weekend!!

Five Things I Ate:

Eggs with spinach cooked in coconut oil, at the recommendation of MANY of you, is AMAZING.

Eggs in Coconut Oil with Spinach - Breakfast

My simple lentil masala dinner, of course. Each night! 

Lentil Masala Recipe -

Honeycrisp apples sliced with cinnamon. I tried buying other apples for money’s sake but they went to waste because I really don’t like them. I LOVE honeycrisps!

An ONNIT bison jerky bar – these are the Tanka bars I grew to love during Crossfit, but ONNIT now sells them. These are most definitely the strangest food item I like, but they are so good. Thanks, Onnit!

This half a brownie that my friend Emily surprised me with (after she ate half!) It was SO FREAKING GOOD. Gosh, that made my Wednesday.

gluten free brownie

Five Workouts via Julie.

Mon: squats, burpees and box jumps.

Tues: 30 min Reflexion Yoga

Wed: Bench press, pull ups, and push ups. Yowzas I am NOT good at pull ups. (meaning I can’t do them.)

Thurs: 50 min Reflexion Yoga focusing on arm balances. I did my first side crow!

Fri: Deadlifts and burpees on tap. Gross.

Posts I Loved:

Why I’m Gushing Over Coconut Oil <– explains it much better than I could!

Why Doctor’s Need To Lie <–interesting

Talking – Or Not Talking – About Weight and Women 

How To Actively Pursue your Dreams

Own Your Positive Body Image

Wearable Fitness Trackers – Are We Creating A New Obsession? <– I wonder this often!

3 Reasons To Skip Magazine Meal Plans

Whole Foods, Superfoods, and Kale Are Great – But What If You’re On A Tight Budget?

The Smart Girl’s Guide To Money Management

Health Rules: Your Definition Vs. the World’s

Today Show Anchor’s on No Makeup Monday

Bolder Blogging: Why I Will Never Have a Perfect Blog

This Math Teacher Kept A Big Secret From His Students <—awwww

7 Habits of Highly Ineffective People

An Open Letter To GPs, Asking For A Review Of Eating Disorder Assessments

Intermittent Sampling <–what do you think of this?

Food Insecurity: What It Looks Like For My Family <–perspective

Fellas, Start Doing Yoga. Seriously. 

52 Things <—girl cracks me up. makes me want to be her best friend.

Recline, Don’t Lean In <–new thoughts

Five Things Making Me Happy:

1 week until spring break!!!! Then only six more weeks of class. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!? Holy moly.

My Morning Routine. I love it. It makes me happier all day.

Eating well. Sounds a bit odd, but I’ve been eating pretty nutrient rich foods this week and it makes me feel great! Good nutrition is so powerful, especially when it can involve brownies! :)

Yoga. I just really am into yoga lately.

Being almost to the fundraising goal for the NEDA walk next month! And still hoping for tons more month-of sign ups!!

  • Your Turn! What’s making you happy this week?


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  1. I always find so many great links from wrap ups like this. Thank you! And yoga – always yoga to leave me feeling good. Have a great weekend!

  2. Your “posts I loved” look so great! Definitely some posts I can’t wait to read :) Happy weekend!

  3. Seriously you find the best articles and posts each week! Can’t wait to spend an unreasonable chunk of my evening reading these! :)

  4. Honeycrisps are my number one too!..whenever I can find them, that is.
    Your morning routine does sound like a good calming start..I’m thinking I would like to incorporate some meditation into my day at some point. Sooo tough when my brain is in a permanant scramble!

  5. Mmmm I love honeycrisps, too. Why are they so expensive??

  6. Honey crisps are superior by far. In the fall I eat an insane amount of them. Yoga has been making me happy lately too! It calms my mind like nothing else can.

  7. I always enjoy these, Clare! Happy Friday:)

  8. I LOVE Honeycrisp apples! So sweet and crispy… 😉

  9. I always love this post of yours girl! Off to check out some of those links… and now I’m craving eggs in coconut oil!

  10. Can’t lie. The math teacher story made me cry.

  11. I just figured out that I adore the tanka bison jerky! However, I just can’t seem to get on board with it in bar form. I know, it’s weird.
    Thank you for including my post in your roundup, Clare :)

  12. thanks for sharing friend! p.s can i come on spring break with you?


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