Kodiak POWER PROTEIN Cakes {Giveaway}

Sort of giveaway central around here lately. I’m getting to everything now that I’m a bit more settled. You can still enter the GLASS DHARMA giveaway and order a Bulu Box for 50% off!

I’ve been a Kodiak Cake fan for years. Sure I experiment with some “pancake” recipes, but when I need a flat out good, classic, pancake I go to the Kodiak mix in my pantry. I think I saw it first on Kath’s blog.

My friends and I enjoyed a big batch with eggs on New Years morning a few years ago. Perfectly easy and delicious after a very late night.

Kodiak Cake Breakfast

LB syruping her kodiak cakes at my apt in Dallas

My favorite thing about Kodiak Cakes is that they are good for you- packed with whole grains and no funky ingredients – but you only need to add WATER. Just water! Seriously, these take less time to make than most simple breakfasts. Doesn’t get better than that.

Often the reason I experiment with my own pancake recipes is because I want more protein to keep me full through the morning. Regular pancakes don’t usually do that, unless paired with eggs or greek yogurt. Kodiak Cakes new protein version solves that problem! I was thrilled to have my favorite QUICK pancakes available with protein.

Kodiak Cakes Power Protein Cakes

I tried them first for the little kiddies at work. They love pancakes and their mother often added protein powder to theirs, so this was just an easier way to make breakfast. I had a batch of 8 pancakes finished in less than 10 minutes, and added blueberries and cinnamon for some flavor. You can doctor these up however you want — add chocolate chips, fruit, nuts…whatever! They are a great base.

Kodiak Cakes

The kids gobbled them up, and even the mom commented that they were REALLY good. They will be purchasing Kodiak Cakes now, and I think the muffin recipe on the box looked like a great snack option.

The other Kodiak boxes I was sent are being added to my collection for fancy weekend breakfasts. JC is pretty pumped to have me cooking for him, and I see late morning eggs and pancakes with coffee on the couch in our future.

I have found Kodiak mix in some Whole Foods, but GOOD NEWS – Kodiak Cakes are launching in Target!!! Look for them there!

Kodiak Cakes Giveaway


Kodiak Cakes is giving THREE readers a 3-pack of their Pancake mix: Whole Wheat Oat & Honey, Buttermilk & Honey, and Power Cakes Protein Packed. Note – U.S. Readers only unfortunately.

This is a rafflecopter giveaway. Please click the link to enter:
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  1. I have never made pancakes! I guess that is why I really need to win:-)

  2. Oh I want to win these! Pancakes are my fav :)

  3. banana, eggs and coconut flour with chocolate chips, a banana and syrup!

  4. I like adding blueberries and banana slices to my pancakes.

  5. I make the WORST pancakes (true story) maybe kodiak will help… I usually just make waffles instead but this weekend I killed my waffle maker somehow

  6. Jasmine H. says:

    My recipe right now for pancakes usually is the 2-ingredient pancake with a banana and egg!

  7. As much as I love fun toppings and pancake mixes, my favorite is probably just a classic pancake with butter and syrup on top. YUM :)

  8. Holly Marie Thomas says:

    I use the just add water kind. Never have found an AMAZING one though so would love to try these!

  9. I tend to make crepes – I always burn my pancakes!

  10. stephanie says:

    I don’t have a go-to recipe. I typically search online for something that is easy and quick to make.

  11. I like the easy egg and banana pancake!

  12. Katherine says:

    I make them from scratch a lot but would LOVE a quick option that is still healthy!

  13. Kaitlyn says:

    my go-to is definitely kodiak cakes (usually the non-protein ones b/c I’ve never seen the protein ones before!) and I add greek yogurt as a topping.

  14. I love just mixing an egg and banana to make pancakes!

  15. Allison says:

    Probably just bisquick! Don’t make a lot of pancakes. Have tried to find this mix at WF before without success so I’m excited it’ll be at good ole Target :)

  16. I don’t have a go to recipe.. But I would love to try Kodiac brand!

  17. We LOVE Kodiak Cakes! My 2-year-old is a SUPER picky eater so I’m always looking for ways to get more protein into his diet.

  18. Jessica says:

    Right now I usually just get pancakes when I’m out to eat, but I would DEFINITELY makes these at home. I’ve been wanting too try these for months!

  19. My go to is either going out or bisquick but I would love to try these. I need more protien!

  20. My go to pancake recipe is ALWAYS blueberry. DELICIOUS!

  21. my go to pancake recipe is oatmeal, eggs, and some other random stuff i find in my pantry/fridge :) :)

  22. I love to make coconut flour pancakes and drizzle them with homemade berry syrup.

  23. I have a pumpkin pancake recipe that I love to make in the fall!

  24. i rarely eat pancakes because i want a healthier breakfast, but these look fabulous!!

  25. I have yet to find a GF option I really like! I have a few recipes bookmarked to try however. Regardless, blueberries are a must :)

  26. tempesst says:

    my go to recipe is the pancakes from my favorite brunch place :)

  27. Love the idea of the protein boost in these! I don’t have a go-to pancake recipe right now…!

  28. Brittany says:

    These look great! I love sneaking in extra protein and they look so easy!

  29. Bob’s Red Mill mix!

  30. Nikki Fahey says:

    i love kodiak with strawberries!!!

  31. Lauren S says:

    Kodiak cakes! I was so excited when my local Target started carrying them.

  32. Courtney says:

    I’ve been making America’s Test Kitchen cloud cakes :)

  33. I’ve always wanted to try these!!

  34. Sadly, my go-to is usually the boxed stuff that has a million ingredients. Would love to try these for an easy Sunday morning breakfast!

  35. Brennan says:

    I make pancakes from scratch, but it would be easier to use a mix.

  36. Kristen P. says:

    My go-to pancake recipe is definitely apple and cinnamon! Reminds me of when my grandma would make them for me when I was little

  37. I actually do not have a go-to pancake recipe. Whenever the mood strikes for them I usually just go with Bisquick. But the added protein in these would be a wayyy better option.

  38. I would love to win this! Pancakes are my favorite breakfast food and I’d love to give these a try.

  39. Colleen says:

    I don’t make pancakes too often (I’m more of a waffles girl), but the last time I made them, I added blueberries to the batter and sliced bananas on top. So yummy!

  40. I love the Kodiak mixes. I saw the protein one in Target yesterday, but didn’t grab it. I’d love to win it!

  41. Strawberry pancakes flap jack style!

  42. I always make buttermilk pancakes from the Betty Crocker cookbook. They are old fashioned and simple, but my kids’ favorites. Sometime we add chocolate chips for fun. I would love to try this mix because my children could use the extra protein.

  43. Shannon says:

    I love making greek yogurt pancakes – a container of greek yogurt, flour & an egg. But I also really love the Kodiak Cakes too!

  44. Rebekah B says:

    I use either the original Kodiak mix or I make banana/egg pancakes

  45. I LOVE making pancakes for breakfast on the weekends! They are the best fuel for mountain biking, hiking and climbing!

  46. Larissa says:

    I typically use the box ones where you just add water. I’ve never tried Kodiak though.

  47. I’m loving green banana pancakes made by blending spinach into the batter! Extra nutrition without any added taste :)

  48. Kaitlin says:

    I’ve been slacking on making pancakes lately, but my all-time favorite ones are pumpkin ones in the fall. so good and so seasonal!

  49. Those pancakes look SOOOO good! I’ve been looking for a new brand with extra protein to keep me full longer. Those look perfect for me. Thank you for sharing!
    (I’m a huge fan of chocolate chip, peanut butter, and banana so I might add some of those to the mix) lol

  50. My go-to pancake recipe has included protein powder, coconut flour, egg whites and almond milk! Topped with all the berries and peanut butter that will fit on top of them :)

  51. one from the Joy of Cooking-and then I add blueberries-it makes about 15-not a bad thing!

  52. Brittany says:

    I make simple oat pancakes with oat flour and flax, but these would be great!

  53. Melissa says:

    We love our soft, fluffy whole wheat pancake recipe that we’ve used for years, but I love trying new kinds too!!

  54. I always make the 4 grain flapjacks from The Joy of Cooking – they are the best!!

  55. Leah H. says:

    I am a huge fan of protein pancakes made with 1/2 of a mashed banana, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 2 egg whites, 1 tsp. flaxseed meal, and cinnamon. Soo yummy!

  56. Meghan B. says:

    Greek yogurt pancakes with chocolate chips are my absolute fave! The protein in the yogurt helps keep me full for longer, which is an added bonus!

  57. I like fresh fruit pancakes right now with all the seasonal fruits from the farmer’s market

  58. Love blueberry pancakes!

  59. anastacia mosher says:

    Right now I’m really into whole wheat pancakes with fresh blueberries since they are in season.

  60. Sounds very versatile and best of all – quick and easy!

  61. I have been wanting to try Kodiak Cakes and love that they now have the added protein!

  62. Kaitlyn says:

    I love adding bananas to my pancakes. I’ve been wanting to try Kodiak Cakes!

  63. It doesn’t seem like you are still nannying for “the kiddos”… Are you going to update your readers on this?

  64. Love 2-ingredient pancakes with banana and egg or egg white!

  65. I love adding blueberries to my pancakes!

  66. Lindsey says:

    I always make protein pancakes with just egg whites and protein powder. This mix sounds much yummier!

  67. I love adding fruit to any pancake mix, but my go-to pancakes are my dad’s sweet potato pancake recipe. YUMMM!!!

  68. Courtney says:

    I love a simple pumpkin, egg and protein powder pancake with pb2 on top !

  69. all of my trials for vegan panckes have been fails!

  70. I love making Banana Bread Protein Pancakes, but usually don’t have time to make them in the morning! This sounds like a great, quick option. Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. I LOVE just a plain chocolate chip pancake, so good!

  72. Pancakes are my favorite! But like you, I feel like they aren’t usually the best first meal to energize me throughout my day – Kodiac Cakes could solve that dilemma. These look awesome and I want to try them!

  73. Clare,
    I’ve seen these Kodiak Mixes recently quite a bit around the HLB-osphere. I haven’t tried them yet, so I’m really wanting to. What a great Giveaway of a 3-pack of these Pancake mixes: Whole Wheat Oat & Honey, Buttermilk & Honey, and Power Cakes Protein Packed! Yum! If I win this, I’ll make all 3!
    ~Amy :-)

  74. I’ve never made pancakes at home, always order them for brunch though! Would love to try these!

  75. I haven’t made pancakes in forever!

  76. Even though it’s summer I still LOVE my pumpkin pancakes and make them 98% of the time… but with the holiday I went patriotic and did mixed berries + peanut butter of course 😉

  77. I haven’t made pancakes in awhile, but I love whole wheat with banana slices.

  78. Amanda L says:

    The recipe on the Bisquick box!

  79. Lindsey says:

    My go-to recipe for pancakes is the standard one on the back of the Bisquick bottle!

  80. Meghan F says:

    PaleOMG’s pancakes are my absolute favorite, however I want to try Kodiak Cakes so badly!

  81. Just the basic bisquick.

  82. bisquick, but i’d love to try these!

  83. OMG. I freakin’ LOVE Kodiak Cakes. I make them plain with just butter and syrup…sometimes I add PB2 to the batter, but they are so dang good as they are. Yummmmmmmm. I’d love to win some boxes. I eat them for dinner a lot, too.

  84. I love my protein pancake recipe: 1/34 cup egg whites, 1 scoop protein and 1 banana- so good!

  85. Oooh I did not know they made Power Cakes! I usually just add some protein powder to my Kodiak cakes, this will save me a step!

  86. I actually ordered a couple boxes of Kodiak Cakes from Amazon recently, just because I love them that much! Lately, I’ve been making them savory by adding in shredded cheddar and jalapenos :)

  87. I’ve been stuck! I don’t usually have eggs or milk around and the ones with just water usually don’t rise! I’m excited to try these!

  88. Danielle says:

    I love pancakes and I’ve always wanted to try these!

  89. Jessica Z says:

    My go-to recipe is banana pancakes – a mashed banana, 2 egg whites, blueberries – mmm!

  90. Elisabeth says:

    I’m so pyched they’re coming to Target AND there’s a protein version!

  91. I switch up my protein pancake recipe…still trying to land on the perfect one!

  92. I mostly make Paleo pancakes now!

  93. for the last several months I’ve been trying to figure out how to make coconut flour pancakes because I bought a TON on sale online! The ratios are a bit tough so they haven’t been the best, but anything smothered in PB is good with me :) I love all kinds though, especially with blueberry or caramelized bananas, and grainy add ins like oats and seeds.

  94. Lemon ricotta pancakes are wonderful!

  95. I’m always experimenting with pancake recipes and would love to try these!

  96. I really love making wheat pancakes.

  97. Melissa says:

    oatmeal w/ blueberry pancakes!

  98. I am currently using their buttermilk version!

  99. Ah I love protein pancakes but am often too lazy to mix them up during the week…these would be perfect!!

  100. Renata S says:

    I love adding blueberries and raspberries to mine for a sweet hot berry flapjack! I would love to try the protein pancakes for getting more muscle protein in my diet as well!

  101. Dana Hauck says:

    pancakes anytime of the day for the win!!!

  102. I’d enjoy trying the protein pancake mix with the addition of finely chopped apples and walnuts and cinnamon for a pancake apple crisp. Thanks!

  103. I’ve tried the regular Kodiak cakes but would loooove to try these!

  104. Madeline says:

    My normal go-to is to use Bisquick, but I’d love to try Kodiak!


  106. Sadly… Fiber One. I know they aren’t great, but I love that you can only add water. Now that I know about Kodiac, I’m going to look for them at my Whole Foods and Target!

  107. My go to pancakes are from Tina at CNC :)

  108. My go to pancakes are made with coconut flour, yogurt and egg whites…mmm and chocolate chips!

  109. Tricia Z says:

    1 egg
    1 T oil
    1 T sugar
    2 pinches salt
    1 cup flour
    2 t baking powder
    3/4 cup any kind of milk.
    This has been my recipe for 14 years. I use different kinds of flour, omit the egg, substitute it with yogurt, add fruit, substitute sugar with honey, etc.

  110. Lindsay says:

    I usually use bis quick mix but would love more protein to make them more filling

  111. pancakes and nut butter is the best!

  112. My nana always added cinnamon and vanilla to her pancakes, and so I follow tradition. So good!

  113. Georgiana says:

    Summertime blueberries with a Greek yogurt topping is my go to pancake recipe!

  114. Blueberry pancakes with syrup.

  115. yum! yes please!

  116. 1 ripe banana and 2 eggs! Blend together and pour! Easy peasy! Thanks for the chance to win!

  117. Kaitlin G says:

    My go-to is an almond flour/egg/greek yogurt base! Tons of good stuff to keep me full :)

  118. I usually make the recipe up as I go, but Ive been wanting to try these for so long now!!

  119. I don’t have one… yet

  120. I don’t have one… yet

  121. Plain old Bizquick with chocolate chips–I’d love to try this more nutritious option.

  122. Plain old Bizquick with chocolate chips–I’d love to try this more nutritious option.

  123. I never make pancakes so I don’t have a go-to recipe! I want to try the protein pancakes! They sound awesome and I’ve always heard people talking about Kodiak Cakes!

  124. latanya says:

    I use a recipe that I got from allrecipes.com

  125. I usually make pancakes with protein powder.

  126. I haven’t made pancakes in years, but I’d always go for Bisquick. Your post has me craving pancakes now.

  127. I love Kodiak Cakes. So easy and filling. I haven’t tried them as waffles only as pancakes topped with fresh fruit!

  128. HilLesha says:

    I love chocolate pancakes.

  129. Nikki Fahey says:

    How did you decide on the winner? Ah who won?
    I just love this stuff!


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